Dynamic systems, control, and optimization

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program's study of dynamical systems, control, and optimization, is based on understanding the heterogeneous interactions of the parts of large socioeconomic systems that function across many sectors and are driven by multiple agents.

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Dynamic system

In the area of dynamic systems, control, and optimization ASA researchers made theoretical and numerical advances related to the Pontryagin maximum principle, analyzed a number of long-term economic growth models, and also focused on optimal heterogeneous resource consumption. 

Related topics were studied under three headings: 

  1. Optimal control theory, which is is a key methodology for addressing the issues of optimal management of socio-environmental systems in modeling framework.
  2. Optimal economic growth, in which neoclassical endogenous economic growth theory is used to model long-term economic growth. 
  3. Optimal management of heterogeneous resources, given that especially renewable resources are structured according to size or age, for instance, and models of optimal control of heterogeneous resources are an important tool in advising policymakers on their management.
Advances in solving optimal control problems

In 2013 the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program made several new contributions to the development of optimal control theory for managing socio-environmental systems within a modeling framework. More

Optimal economic growth

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) researchers in 2013 worked on developing new economic growth models capable of generating “green growth” and sustainable development solutions. More

Optimal management of heterogeneous resources

Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) researchers study optimal management of heterogeneous resources, such as fish and forests, which is an important tool for advising policymakers on the best strategies for managing the environment. More

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