Using multicriteria decision analysis to develop solutions to water and energy problems in South Africa

Avelino Mondlane describes how his knowledge of advanced systems analysis was furthered by using multicriteria decision analysis to quantitatively assess South African water and energy challenges.


This was a dynamic process carried within the field of systems analysis and designed to be a self-building one supported by three supervisors.


Based on studies of advanced systems analysis, we developed two scenarios. We used V.I.S.A., which is a multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) software for decision support, and a SWING model with sensitive analysis. In both models we developed a qualitative analysis on which resources could be applied in South Africa to produce electricity between coal and natural gas in context of water shortage.


The main result was the development of the MCDA model and reinforcement of analytical skills for decision making.  


Theodor Stewart, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Detlof von Winterfeldt, University of Southern California, USA
Marek Makowski, Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASA), IIASA


Avelino Mondlane of Stockholm University is a citizen of Mozambique. He was funded by IIASA's National member Organization for South Africa during the YSSP.

Please note these Proceedings have received limited or no review from supervisors and IIASA program directors, and the views and results expressed therein do not necessarily represent IIASA, its National Member Organizations, or other organizations supporting the work.

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