Latest events from the Population and Just Societies Program.

Upcoming events:

30 Nov 2021 - 02 Dec 2021

The INQUIMUS workshop has been postponed to Winter 2021. IIASA’s Population and Just Societies Program together with t... More

29 Nov 2021 - 01 Dec 2021
The Causes and Consequences of Depopulation

IIASA Population and Just Societies Program is co-organizer of the Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, OeAW, University of Vien... More

16 Sep 2021
Climate Change and Population Dynamics

IIASA prominent demographers Raya Muttarak and Wolfgang Lutz are co-organizing and debating on climate feedback on popul... More

Past events:

20 Jul 2021 - 22 Jul 2021
Evidence for Action 2021 International Symposium

Dr. Thomas Schinko represents IIASA at international research symposium on Aligning the Climate and SDG Agendas organise... More

18 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021
Open mind, society, and world

IIASA scientist Anastasia A. Lijadi will present latest research from the ERC funded IIASA project "The Demography of ... More

29 Jun 2021
JVI Climate Webinar: Modelling Climate Change

IIASA Researcher Thomas Schinko represents IIASA in webinar series on climate change economics. More

25 Jun 2021
People need People - Online Exchange

IIASA Researchers Franziska Gaupp and Thomas Schinko organize an interactive online workshop to address the question "wh... More

07 Jun 2021
Promoting sustainable development in the aging world

Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program Director Raya Muttarak is invited to talk about demographic perspectives ... More

05 Jun 2021
Web-Conference on Our Ethical Responsibility Towards the Himalayan Ecosystem

Join us live for a web-conference on the World Environment Day More

25 May 2021 - 22 Jun 2021
IIASA at ECCA 2021 (virtual event)

IIASA researchers co-organize webinar as part of ECCA 2021, the 5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference More

17 May 2021 - 21 May 2021
Climate Exp0: Advancing a Resilient, Zero-Carbon World, 17-21 May 2021 (virtual event)

IIASA researchers present at Climate ExpO on the enablers and barriers to the practice of adaptation More

10 May 2021
What Does the Global Future Hold? Population and Demography

IIASA demographer Wolfgang Lutz is invited to speak at the International Resource Panel Webcast Series on the topic of p... More

05 May 2021 - 08 May 2021
IIASA at the PAA Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

IIASA Population and Just Societies program is presenting new demographic research at the Population Association of Ame... More

22 Apr 2021
Human Migration in the Face of Global Climate Change

World Population and Just Societies Program Director Raya Muttarak is invited to talk about relationship between global ... More

19 Apr 2021
Redefining Old Age

IIASA demographer Sergei Scherbov is invited to talk about new ways of measuring aging that more accurately represent th... More

09 Apr 2021
Population, food and environment

World Population and Just Societies Program Director Raya Muttarak will talk on 9 April at the webinar on Population, Fo... More

22 Mar 2021 - 24 Mar 2021
Education distributions and sustainable development

IIASA demographer Wolfgang Lutz is invited to speak at the Berlin Demography Days on the topic of human capital and how ... More

18 Mar 2021
Joint Academy Day 2021: Interdisciplinary responses to global challenges

IIASA researcher Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz and IIASA alumnus Verena Winiwarter will speak at this year’s Joint Acad... More

16 Feb 2021
Working life and health expectancies

IIASA demographer Daniela Weber presents her research in online seminar organized by the Aging Research Center (ARC). More

08 Feb 2021
IIASA discusses resilient food systems post COVID at the AAAS Annual Meeting

IIASA is organizing a panel discussion at the 2021 virtual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) me... More

13 Jan 2021
What demographers tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic

IIASA researchers present their latest findings on the demographic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. More

14 Sep 2020 - 17 Sep 2020
Landslide EVO Annual Meeting

Landslide EVO will be having its annual meeting virtually from 14th to 17th September, 2020. Due to the current COVID-19... More

03 Sep 2020 - 04 Sep 2020
Transition Risk Governance Workshop

Risk and Resilience Research Scholar Susanne Hanger-Kopp will be speaking at a virtual workshop on 'Transition risk gove... More

17 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019
RISK at the symposium “Heavy rainfall – What to Do: Before, During and After”

RISK Research Scholar Thomas Schinko presented results from RESPECT, an ACRP funded project to foster the operationaliza... More

18 Sep 2019 - 19 Sep 2019
RISK at OECD High Level Risk Forum expert meeting

RISK scholars Thomas Schinko and Reinhard Mechler will be giving two presentations on the topics of "Operationalising Br... More

01 Jul 2019 - 05 Jul 2019
10th IALE World Congress

As members of the PHUSICOS project team, RISK researchers Wei Liu and Juliette Martin will give presentations on "The ev... More

28 May 2019 - 31 May 2019
ECCA 2019

The biennial European Climate Change Adaptation conference is convened by projects that have received funding from the E... More

12 Mar 2019
Scientists4Future press conference

Together with Helga Kromp-Kolb (CCCA, BOKU), Michael Staudinger (CCCA, ZAMG) and Klement Tockner (FWF) RISK researcher T... More

11 Mar 2019
Dialogue event: Climate change adaptation in Vienna

RISK Research Scholar Thomas Schinko will give a talk on “Roles and Responsibilities in Climate Risk Management in Aus... More

06 Mar 2019
Participatory workshop

Testing an advanced prototype of ‘Sustainable Urban Heating Simulation’ More

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