Networking Activities

EEP is engaged in a number of international networks, consortia, and institutional collaborations, a sample of which is outlined below.


The aim of the Research Networking Programme Frontiers of Speciation Research (FroSpects) is to facilitate bridge-building between disparate approaches to speciation research, by bringing together young and senior European speciation scientists around a number of conferences, workshops, symposia, and schools. More


The European Research Training Network on Fisheries-induced Adaptive Changes in Exploited Stocks (FishACE) is set up to investigate the prevalence and consequences of fisheries-induced adaptive changes in exploited aquatic systems in European waters. More


The Fisheries-induced Evolution (FinE) project aims at combining fields of expertise as diverse as population genetics and quantitative genetics, life-history theory, population dynamics, evolutionary theory, and fisheries science. The project will ensure a close integration of both empirical and theoretical lines of development in our understanding of evolutionary processes in exploited populations. More


Using recreational fisheries as our focus, the interdisciplinary and international team on the Adaptive Dynamics and Management of Coupled Social-Ecological Systems Exemplified by Recreational Fisheries (ADAPTFISH) project is studying adaptations of exploited populations (fisheries resources), their exploiters (anglers) and the rules governing the interactions between fish and anglers (institutions). More


A number of commercially important fish stocks in Europe are at very low levels and some are in danger of collapse. Understanding the Mechanisms of Stock Recovery (UNCOVER) is a scientific research project funded by the European Union that is trying to find the right strategies to recover these stocks. More

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