Is Asia facing a coming water crisis?

Options Magazine, Summer 2018: New research provides important insight on the causes and likely scale of a potential water scarcity problem in large parts of Asia in coming decades.

 In this issue:  

  • What drives migration? The quest for migration policies that will benefit Europe and meet humanitarian needs
  • South Africa - A model for systems analysis development? The Southern African Systems Analysis Centre strengthens links between researchers in South Africa and IIASA
  • Researcher voices: Sir Peter Gluckman (Challenges to science diplomacy), Angel Gurria (Systems thinking for global challenges), Julian Hunt (Water and energy security)

Feature articles:
18 June 2018
Is Asia facing a coming water crisis?

Options Summer 2018: Water scarcity in Asia is likely to get worse over the coming decades, and new research from the IIASA Water Program has shown that increased water demand due to socioeconomic development is likely to be the main cause in large parts of the continent.  More

17 June 2018
South Africa – A model for systems analysis development?

Options Summer 2018: In 2015, South Africa stepped up its commitment to systems analysis by creating the Southern African Systems Analysis Centre–SASAC. Led by a consortium of four universities–the universities of the Western Cape, Limpopo, theWitwatersrand, and Stellenbosch–SASAC aims to strengthen systems analysis activities by supporting Honours students, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers.  More

16 June 2018
What drives migration?

Options Summer 2018: IIASA research is providing a scientific basis to help design evidence-based migration policies that will benefit Europe while ensuring humanitarian needs are met.  More

15 June 2018
Opinion: Challenges to science diplomacy

Options Summer 2018: Sir Peter Gluckman is the chief science advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and an IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellow.  More

14 June 2018
Q&A: Systems thinking is central to addressing global challenges

Options Summer 2018: In March, Secretary-General Angel Gurría of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) visited IIASA to agree a strategic partnership between the two institutions.  More

13 June 2018
Seasonal pumped-storage – the answer to water and energy security?

Options Summer 2018: Q&A with Brazilian IIASA postdoc Julian Hunt  More

12 June 2018
Crowdsourcing information to help farmers in Mexico increase crop yields

Options Summer 2018: Crowdsourcing has become a popular method for politicians, social groups, and private businesses to engage people. In the social media age, businesses and other groups can quickly, effectively, and inexpensively collect information, opinions, and even money from a wide audience that was previously inaccessible.  More

11 June 2018
Accommodating growth without increasing environmental pressure

Options Summer 2018: Rapid economic growth often comes at a steep price, with positive effects of change regularly being balanced out by negative environmental effects. In traditional growth models, greater growth has led to greater carbon emissions output, raising questions about construction practices and expansion in general. With new growth models however, adverse environmental effects do not necessarily have to be part of the equation.  More

11 June 2018
Mitigating risks from crude-by-rail transportation

Options Summer 2018: As crude oil production from shale in North America has increased, so too have spills from rail accidents as the railways bear the extra burden from an insufficient pipeline network. A new model developed at IIASA with collaborators at Johns Hopkins University, can help determine the best crude oil transport policies to reduce the risk.  More

10 June 2018
Finding opportunities for change in disaster

Options Summer 2018: In 2011, an earthquake off the coast of Japan led to a tsunami that decimated the area of Tohoku. Even worse, the event triggered a nuclear disaster from which Japan is still recovering. As is the case in many disasters however, this event created a window of opportunity for positive social and environmental change.  More

09 June 2018
Finding a reason for increased fertility among Egyptian women

Options Summer 2018: Over the last two decades, scientists have observed an upturn in fertility in several Arab countries. As this trend is in direct contradiction to the demographic transition model, researchers are seeking answers to this puzzling question.  More

07 June 2018
Shaping the future of public transport in Sweden

Options Summer 2018: In 2015, Sweden announced an ambitious aim to become one of the first nations to end its dependence on fossil fuels. Work done by IIASA researchers in collaboration with Swedish partners, is now contributing to discussions to make this goal a reality.  More

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