The power of the crowd

Options Magazine, Winter 2017/18: A network of over 15,000 volunteers is helping IIASA scientists solve some of their toughest research challenges.

 In this issue:  

  • System failure: How can we strengthen the highly interconnected networks of our world against collapse?
  • Working together to adapt to changing climate: Climate has already changed significantly and will change more in our lifetimes. What can be done?
  • Researcher voices: Karl Sigmund, Johann Mair, and Katya Perez-Guzman

Feature articles:
05 November 2017
The power of the crowd

Options Winter 2017/18: A network of over 15,000 volunteers works with IIASA scientists on some of their toughest research challenges.  More

04 November 2017
System failure

Options Winter 2017/18: Highly interconnected networks are everywhere in our world, from finance to ecosystems: How can we strengthen them against collapse?  More

03 November 2017
Working together to adapt to changing climate

Options Winter 2017/18: Sea level rise, fiercer storms, heat waves, fires, and droughts: the effects of climate change are increasingly being seen around the globe. Adapting now is essential to survival, but it requires careful coordination and cooperation.  More

02 November 2017
Q&A: Stop praising innovation

Options Winter 2017/18: Johanna Mair is a professor of Organization, Strategy and Leadership at the Hertie School of Governance and a member of the Alpbach-Laxenburg Group, which held its annual retreat in August.  More

01 November 2017
Opinion: The watchful eyes of the future

Options Winter 2017/18: Karl Sigmund, senior research scholar in the IIASA Evolution and Ecology Program and professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Vienna, is a leading expert in game theory.  More

31 October 2017
Modeling Indonesia’s energy revolution

Options Winter 2017/18:Indonesia has ambitious energy goals: only rigorous analysis can guide it to the best solution.  More

30 October 2017
Solving Delhi’s pollution troubles

Options Winter 2017/18:“Neighbouring states responsible for 60% of Delhi pollution”, said a recent headline in the Indian Express, adding to the megacity’s debate about its dirty air.  More

29 October 2017
Lighting the world through open source electricity

Options Winter 2017/18: Identifying the most cost-effective electrification options.  More

28 October 2017
Measuring residential isolation among Montréal’s immigrants

Options Winter 2017/18: Montréal has a history of high levels of immigration, are these communities segregated from rest of the city?  More

27 October 2017
Visualizing internal migration in China

Options Winter 2017/18: Roughly 250 million migrant workers in China have fled the rural areas they had grown up in to the coastal regions and megacities that hold economic promise.  More

26 October 2017
Injecting biomethane into Malaysia’s natural gas grid

Options Winter 2017/18: Biomethane could have a tremendous impact in Malaysia, but its adoption in the country is highly dependent on the presence of suitable transport infrastructure.  More

25 October 2017
Using demand-side management to solve UK energy problems

Options Winter 2017/18: Demand side management has been recognized as a powerful tool to balance the grid and help the transition to a more sustainable system, but it will need a regulatory framework.  More

24 October 2017
What would an oil spill mean for the Arctic?

Options Winter 2017/18: 2017 YSSP participant Maisa Nevalainen explores how an oil spill would affect vulnerable Arctic wildlife.  More

23 October 2017
Is a sustainable lifestyle achievable?

Options Winter 2017/18: Gibran Vita, a 2017 YSSP participant, looks at how use of durable goods contributes to energy demand.  More

22 October 2017
From oil rich to low carbon

Options Winter 2017/18: Q&A with IIASA postdoc Katya Perez Guzman.  More

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