The health benefits of systems analysis

Options Magazine, Summer 2017: Read about health benefits of systems analysis, and why IIASA is poised to take a leading role in global health research.

 In this issue:  

  • The balancing act of sustainability: What happens when work towards one sustainability goal prevents progress in another?
  • Breaking the habit: New research sheds light on how to drive people to make more environmental choices
  • #YSSP40: The Young Scientists Summer Program celebrates 40 years

Feature articles:
23 June 2017
The health benefits of systems analysis

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Understanding the linkages of planetary systems to health has never been more important, and IIASA is well-positioned to take a leading role on the topic; indeed, many of the institute’s core research areas are linked to health, either directly or indirectly.  More

22 June 2017
Breaking the habit: The path to a greener future

Options Magazine Summer 2017: In order to achieve environmental and sustainability goals, individuals around the world will need to change their behavior, to consume fewer resources and make less waste. But how can we break out of long-established patterns?  More

21 June 2017
The balancing act of sustainability

Options Magazine Summer 2017: What happens when work towards one sustainability goal prevents progress in another? Do we have to choose between universal energy access and climate change mitigation, or biodiversity and food security?  More

20 June 2017
40 years of YSSP: A life-changing experience for young scientists

Options Magazine Summer 2017: This summer the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program celebrated 40 years. Although much has changed since its first year in 1977, the basic idea that launched the program has ensured its success: bringing together an international, interdisciplinary group of young scientists to work together at IIASA.  More

19 June 2017
Opinion: Communicating science-based pathways to policymakers

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Even if we cannot predict the climate and its impacts with precision, that does not mean that the best strategy is to do nothing.  More

18 June 2017
Q&A: We complement each other very well

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Tatyana Valovaya is a member of the board and minister in the areas of integration and macroeconomics for the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).  More

17 June 2017
Water for life

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Q&A with IIASA researcher Yoshihide Wada, deputy director of the IIASA Water Program. His current research includes a global assessment of the sustainability of future food production under socioeconomic and climate change, and water scarcity.  More

16 June 2017
Separating economic growth from environmental impact

Options Magazine Summer 2017:Chongqing is a model Chinese city demonstrates economic growth can be achieved without endangering the environment.  More

16 June 2017
What is disaster resilience?

Options Summer 2017: True disaster resilience is not just about reducing risk, it must also have sustainable development at its core.  More

14 June 2017
Reducing CO2 emissions in Indonesia

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Indonesia’s policies to protect and establish forests has put the country on track and showed commitment to cut CO2 emissions by 2030.  More

13 June 2017
How much do disasters cost Australia?

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Recent research examines the wide range of disaster-cost estimates to explain the differences stemming from varied data sources and methodologies.  More

12 June 2017
Nailing down resilience and sustainability

Options Magazine Summer 2017: Ali Kharrazi, an alumnus of the 2012 YSSP, is taking a critical look at the concepts of resilience and sustainability  More

10 June 2017
Driving the sustainability bus

Options Magazine Summer 2017: A 2016 YSSP project was put to use in Sweden’s first wireless bus-charging system.  More

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