Getting to Eureka

Options Magazine, Summer 2015: Read how an interdisciplinary research environment leads to unexpected discoveries.

 In this issue:  

  • The climate-poverty conundrum: IIASA research aims to turn on the lights for policymakers;
  • Forever young: New measures of aging are transforming the field of demography;
  • Climate change challenges for Austria: A national integrated assessment shows how climate is impacting the country.

Feature articles:
15 June 2015
Getting to Eureka

Options Magazine Summer 2015: Many of the major challenges facing the world today—climate change, widespread poverty, food shortages—simply can’t be solved by scientists working in one discipline alone. To address such issues requires teams of experts from different disciplines—natural scientists, social scientists, economists—brainstorming and cooperating to attain workable solutions and potential policies. Enter interdisciplinary research.  More

14 June 2015
Forever young?

Options Magazine Summer 2015: New measures of aging in development at IIASA take the characteristics of people into account, not just their chronological age.  More

13 June 2015
Climate change challenges for Austria

Options Magazine Summer 2015: IIASA’s involvement in advancing the transformation toward sustainable development continues to grow with the national integrated assessment of the Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC), which was coordinated by IIASA and its partners in the Austrian scientific community.  More

12 June 2015
The climate-poverty conundrum

Options Magazine Summer 2015: Mitigating climate change and eliminating poverty need not be conflicting targets. IIASA research aims to turn on the lights for policymakers.  More

11 June 2015
Opinion: Now or never

Options Magazine Summer 2015: Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach and former European Commissioner, talks about inequality, the current focus of the Alpbach–Laxenburg Group and the theme of the 2015 European Forum Alpbach.  More

10 June 2015
Interview: The World in 2050

Options Magazine Summer 2015: In an interview, Stockholm Resilience Centre Director and IIASA Distinguished Visiting Fellow Johan Rockström described his optimistic view for the future of our planet, which is the subject of a new research collaboration, The World in 2050 project.  More

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