Podcast: Cropland Capture Game

PODCAST - 06 December 2013 Steffen Fritz


IIASA researcher Steffen Fritz and Tobias Sturn from the Vienna University of Technology spoke to Vienna radio show FM4: Reality Check about their new citizen science effort, Cropland Capture.  

Download Steffen Fritz and Tobias Sturn on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,197.9 kb]

Cropland Capture, a new game version of IIASA’s groundbreaking GeoWiki project, engages citizen scientists in global land cover research, helping researchers identify farmland around the world. These data are essential for understanding global food security, identifying yield gaps, and monitoring crops affected by droughts. Read more>>

About the speaker

Steffen  Fritz is the initiator and co-ordinator of Geo-Wiki.org, a global land cover validation tool based on crowdsourcing. He has published reports, book chapters, and peer reviewed papers in the field of earth observation, crowdsourcing, fuzzy logic, remoteness mapping, global and regional vegetation monitoring, crop yield and crop acreage estimations of agricultural crops, and wild land research. 


Steffen Fritz

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Linda See

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