Interview with Shonali Pachauri: Energy access in India

PODCAST - 26 April 2016 Shonali Pachauri


In India, indoor pollution kills 1 million people a year. In an interview with Chris Cummins, IIASA researcher Shonali Pachauri explains the problem, as well as the results of a new study which shows that reducing reliance on kerosene lighting is a stickier problem than previously thought, since the government continues to subsidize the dirty fuel, and many people use it even if they have access to other forms of energy. Read more>>

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This story aired on Vienna's Radio FM4 on 21 April 2016.

About the speaker

Shonali Pachauri is currently Senior Research Scholar in the Energy (ENE) Program at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). She joined IIASA in 2005. Her research over the last decade has focused on the socioeconomic, demographic and environmental dimensions of household energy use in the developing world. In her present capacity she coordinates and leads research on analyzing heterogeneities in energy access and use in the developing world, policy pathways for achieving universal modern energy access, and assessing the wider impacts of this for sustainable development.

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