Life Cycle Impacts of Goods, Services, Activities (LC-IMPACT)

The LC-IMPACT project developed methods to assess the environmental life cycle impact of a vast number of goods, services, and activities. Assessments examined the environmental costs of, for example, erosion caused by land use and toxic substances used in production processes.


To develop better analytical tools to examine the life-cycle impacts of goods, services, and activities, LC-IMPACT researchers used case studies to compare new assessment tools being developed with existing tools. The case studies used the new tools to analyze the production methods for fish, fresh tomatoes, and margarine. The researchers also studied processes used in paper production and printing, as well as auto manufacturing.

IIASA Research

Scientists from IIASA’s Ecosystems Services & Management Program developed better ways of characterizing the effects of forest, cropland, and livestock management practices.

Several IIASA models, including EPIC, G4M, and BEWHERE, were modified to meet LC-IMPACT’s goal of creating better analytical tools. 

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Last edited: 03 June 2014


01.12.2009 - 01.12.2012

Further Information

Progress Report 2012: Selected Project Activity: EU Project "LC-Impact"

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