The 2018 Clean Air Outlook

The Clean Air Programme for Europe envisages a regular update of the impact assessment analysis, to track progress towards the objectives of the Directive and to serve as input into the regular Clean Air Forum.

The first Clean Air Outlook was released by the European Commission in May 2018, drawing heavily on quantitative information provided by IIASA with its GAINS model.

The first Clean Air Outlook of the European Commission, published in 2018, is based on the finally agreed objectives of the NECD Directive of the co-legislators and the latest data on emissions and concentrations.

Four supporting reports from the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis accompany the Outlook:

A further report, using the same methodologies and models as for the Clean Air Outlook studies, examines the potential for cost-effective emission reductions from international shipping in European seas:

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Last edited: 12 October 2019

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