Improving Air Quality in East and South Asia

Asia's rapid economic development has been accompanied by a steep deterioration of its air quality. IIASA partners with partners in China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand to establish the scientific capacity in these countries to explore measures to combat air pollution while supporting the development agenda 

© M.Amann | IIASA

© M.Amann | IIASA

Since more than 10 years, a consortium including IIASA and scientific organizations in China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, in partnership with Toyota Motor company, works towards establishing scientific capacity to support clean air planning in Asia. 

Originally focused on improving the understanding of the growing ozone problem in Asia, over time the cooperation widened to the interplay between atmospheric pollution control measures and the sustainable development agenda.

IIASA's GAINS model serves as a unifying element to align research activities in the partner institutions towards the development of policy-relevant findings.

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Last edited: 22 June 2018


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Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

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Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases

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