ECLIPSE V6 global emission fields

ECLIPSE V6 (February 2021)

The ECLIPSE V6 set of emissions data features a number of updates in comparison to previous versions:

  • Improved regional resolution, specifically in Africa
  • general update of legislation and historical data (especially 2015)
  • China 13th 5-year plan
  • new waste sector
  • inclusion of soil NOx
  • revised international shipping
  • macroeconomic and energy scenarios based on WEO (IEA, 2018)
  • EU-28 updated (Amann et al., 2018)
  • gridding patterns updated for several sectors, including power plants, flaring, transport, industry

ECLIPSE V6 Baseline scenario (CLE)

Gridded emissions (netcdf4 format) of SO2, NOx, NH3, nmVOC, BC, OC, OM, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CH4

Download SO2 emissions Download NOx emissions Download NH3 emissions
Download nmVOC emissions Download PM2.5 emissions Download PM10 emissions
Download BC emissions Download OC emissions Download OM emissions
Download CO emissions Download CH4 emissions

Shipping emissions (Baseline CLE)

Gridded emissions of SO2, NOx, nmVOC, BC, OC, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CH4

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