International Seminar: Day 3 Session 8

VODCAST - 25 April 2014 Wittgenstein Centre/IUSSP


This vodcast from the joint Wittgenstein Centre/IUSSP International Seminar entitled "Demographic Differential Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation" includes session 8 on "Vulnerability and risk assessment: Global-level and comparative perspective" from the third day.

Session 8: Vulnerability and risk assessment: Global-level and comparative perspective
Chair: Samir K.C.

1. Stefan Kienberger, An Notenbaert, Joost Vervoort, Demian Snel
Crystal ball or future pathways: Opportunities and constraints for spatially explicit vulnerability scenarios to climate change impacts (minute 05:00-41:00)

2. Danan Gu, Patrick Gerland, Kirill Andreev, Nan Li, Thomas Spoorenberg, Gerhard Heilig
Risks of exposure of world’s cities to natural hazards (minute 41:05-1:17:50)

3. Mark Montgomery, Samir Souidi, Deborah Balk
Extreme-Event Risks and Adaptation: What Can We Learn from Guatemala? (minute 1:17:53-1:50:52)


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