International Seminar: Day 1 Opening & Session 1

VODCAST - 23 April 2014 Wittgenstein Centre/IUSSP


This vodcast from the joint Wittgenstein Centre/IUSSP International Seminar entitled "Demographic Differential Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation" includes the opening and session 1 on "Differential impacts of natural disasters: Mortality" from the first day.

Moderator: Raya Muttarak
1. Welcome speech by Worawet Suwanrada, Dean of the College of Population Studies (CPS) (minute 3:15-8:00)
2. Welcome speech by Adrian Hayes, Chair of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Climate Change (minute 8:00-12:24)
3. Thematic introduction to the conference by Wolfgang Lutz, Founding director of the Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW,WU) (minute 12:25-36:35)

Session 1: Differential impacts of natural disasters: Mortality
Chair: Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (minute 38:07)
1. Martin Flatø, Andreas Kotsadam
Droughts and gender bias in infant mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa (minute 39:12-1:10:07)

2. Zhongwei Zhao, Yuan Zhu, J. Zhao, Ed Tu
Who have been more vulnerable to extreme temperature? Observations made in Taiwan 1971-2007 (minute 1:10:07-1:44:05)

3. Emilio Zhagheni, Raya Muttarak, Erich Striessnig
The differential impact of meteorological disasters on mortality: Evidence from death registration systems (minute 1:44:05-2:25:48)


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