Podcast: The focus on human populations in climate change research

PODCAST - 02 March 2017 Raya Muttarak


Research scholar Raya Muttarak from IIASA's World Populations Program (POP) gave an interview about human populations in climate change research to the Austrian radio station FM4 in the show Reality Check. Muttarak referred to a recent study that looks into forecasting societies’ adaptive capacities to climate change that she published together with POP Program Director Wolfgang Lutz in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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About the speaker

Raya Muttarak joined the World Population (POP) Program at IIASA as a Research Scholar in September 2011. Her research interests lie in the intersection of social inequality, differential vulnerability and environmental change. Her recent research project focuses on demographic differential vulnerability: 1) to impacts of natural disasters/climate change; and 2) in ability to respond and cope with consequences of extreme weather events. Dr. Muttarak also works on attitudes toward climate change and environmental behaviors. Read more>>


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