Podcast: Raya Muttarak and Nadia Steiber on smoking in Austria

PODCAST - 24 March 2015 Raya Muttarak, Nadia Steiber


Research Scholars Raya Muttarak and Nadia Steiber from the World Populations Program gave an interview on their latest study on smoking in Austria to the Austrian radio station FM4. Under the title "Austria: the ash-tray of Europe" the authors discuss why Austria is leading the smoking statistics in Europe in the show Reality Check.

Download Muttarak and Steiber on Radio FM4 [mp3, 3,239.1 kb]

About the speakers

Raya Muttarak joined the World Population (POP) Program at IIASA as a Research Scholar in September 2011. Her research interests lie in the intersection of social inequality, differential vulnerability and environmental change. Her recent research project focuses on demographic differential vulnerability: 1) to impacts of natural disasters/climate change; and 2) in ability to respond and cope with consequences of extreme weather events. Dr. Muttarak also works on attitudes toward climate change and environmental behaviors. Read more>>

Nadia Steiber is an assistant professor at the Department of Economic Sociology of the University of Vienna. She joined the World Population (POP) Program as a Research Scholar in January 2014. Her research interests are in the sociology of work and the life course. Her current research at IIASA focuses on ageing and cognitive abilities with the ERC Re-Ageing Project led by Sergei Scherbov. Read more>>


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