01 November 2014

What's your place in the world population?

IIASA researcher Samir KC together with collagues from the World Bank have developed an interactive tool that shows the journey of an individuals life in numbers and dates.

© World Data Lab

© World Data Lab

"The Journey of your life" website was developed as part of the the World Population Project (WPP) by Wolfgang Fengler, together with Samir KC, Emi Suzuki, Tariq Khokar, Benedikt Groß and 47 Nord. The project is being supported by the The World Bank and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

The World Population Project (WPP) aims to make demography - the statistical study of human populations - accessible to a wider audience. "We are trying to bring demography to the public in a more fun way", says Samir KC. The developers believe demography and demographic data are key to understanding social and economic phenomena, and that a better appreciation of demographic trends helps individuals see their place in the world.

Wolfgang Fengler, Samir KC and the web designer will present the project at TedX-Vienna on 1 November 2014.

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The Journey of your life in numbers and dates!



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