News & Highlights from the World Population Program 2017

06 November 2017
Population aging

The latest Vienna Yearbook of Population Research looks into new measures of aging, building on research by Warren Sanderson and Sergei Scherbov developed at IIASA.  More

31 October 2017
Climate change policy depends on how we value future wellbeing

Should policymakers be aiming to increase the number of people that are happy or the average happiness regardless of population size? However we choose to value the wellbeing of future generations, a smaller population could save tens of billions of dollars annually on climate change prevention policies.  More

06 October 2017
Application of IIASA approach to UN projections shows less aging

The executive summary of the UN’s report on population aging, released today, incorporates new measures of aging developed at IIASA—leading to more optimistic projections for aging populations around the world.  More

24 August 2017
Moving frontiers in population forecasting and aging: Sergei Scherbov 65

The World Population Program has published a book to honor our distinguished colleague and long term IIASA researcher Sergei Scherbov on the occasion of his 65th birthday.  More

21 June 2017
An end to population aging in China, Germany, USA

New measures of aging, combined with UN population projections, show that population aging is likely to end before 2100 in China, Germany, and the USA.  More

20 June 2017
Education and health are priorities in sustainable development

A clear priority focus on human capital—health and education—together with maintaining functioning environmental services offer a vision for an achievable and sustainable future, argues Wolfgang Lutz in his PNAS Inaugural Article.  More

07 June 2017
Call for applications: Hands-on workshop on demographic analysis with applications to aging societies

From 20 Nov - 1 Dec, Sergei Scherbov will lead a workshop for junior scientists and early-to mid-career professionals at Chulalongkorn University. Application deadline: 15 July 2017.  More

08 May 2017
Spatial projections of age-structured populations

IIASA researcher Erich Striessnig receives Fulbright-Botstiber Visiting Professorship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado to study the sociodemographic characteristics of climate change.  More

07 April 2017
New ERC grant to explore human wellbeing as criterion for sustainable development

IIASA World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz has received a new grant from the European Research Council. Lutz is scientific director of the Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW), and professor of applied statistics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). These institutions are part of the Wittgenstein Center, which Lutz leads.  More

01 March 2017
Climate research needs greater focus on human populations

How climate change will affect future populations will depend to a great extent on people’s capacity to adapt to changing conditions. Such characteristics can be forecast in the long term, using well-established demographic methods, say IIASA researchers.  More

15 February 2017
Young talent prize for Daniela Weber

IIASA researcher Daniela Weber has received the Allianz Young Talent Prize from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie (DGD), the third award honoring her work on the international perspective on aging and cognitive decline.  More

16 January 2017
Trade-offs between economic growth and deforestation

In many developing countries, economic growth and deforestation seem to go hand in hand—but the links are not well understood. In a new study, researchers use an innovative methodology to quantify the relationship.  More

13 January 2017
Russian Demographic Data Sheet 2016

The first Russian Demographic Data Sheet provides a comprehensive look at key demographic indicators and main population trends for all Subjects of the Russian Federation, including population projection for 2035.  More

09 January 2017
Wolfgang Lutz joins independent group of scientists to draft UN Global Sustainability Development Report

Before leaving office, former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Wolfgang Lutz to be one of 15 independent scientists to draft a report on sustainable development ahead of a global review set for 2019.  More

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