04 June 2018

European Demographic Data Sheet 2018

The latest data sheet provides a comprehensive look at key demographic indicators and main population trends for all European countries.

European Demographic Datasheet 2018 © Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA/ÖAW/WU)

European Demographic Datasheet 2018 © Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA/ÖAW/WU)

The European Demographic Data Sheet 2018 reviews, explores and visualizes recent population trends in 45 European countries. The data sheet also provides a snapshot of the current research at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital (IIASA/OeAW/WU) on changes in education composition and labour force, measuring economic dependency, assessing healthy life years, and estimating fertility.

The datasheet combines data for all countries of Europe and the European Union, Japan and the USA, and features maps, population pyramids, tables, graphs and special thematic boxes on, among others, the tempo effect and adjusted indicators of total fertility, the contribution of migration and natural population change to long-term population growth in Europe, regional trends in period total fertility rates, and European population after the Brexit.

The work on the 2018 update of the data sheet was lead by Tomas Sobotka, expert in the demographic field of fertility. He was supported by  IIASA researchers Anne Goujon and Elke Loichinger, and Wittgenstein Centre collaborators Krystof Zeman, Vanessa Di Lego, Bernhard Hammer, Markus Sauerberg and Marc Luy.

The online version of the data sheet 2018, available at www.populationeurope.org, is optimized for mobile devices and provides expanded data coverage, additional maps and population pyramids, ranking charts and details about data sources and definitions. It also allows the users to download all the data.

European Demographic Datasheet 2018 © Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA/ÖAW/WU)

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Last edited: 07 June 2018


European Demographic Data Sheet 2018

New in 2018

The European Demographic Data Sheet booklet featuring all boxes

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Lutz, W., Goujon, A. , K.C., S., Stonawski, M., & Stilianakis, N. (2018). Demographic and Human Capital Scenarios for the 21st Century: 2018 assessment for 201 countries. Publications Office of the European Union

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