02 September 2015

POPNET Newsletter 47, Autumn 2015

The latest issue of IIASA's POPNET newsletter features a retrospect on 40 years demographic research at IIASA.

POPNET 47 is a special issue, dedicated to IIASA's population research in the last 40 years between 1975–2015. World Population Program (POP) Director Wolfgang Lutz, Deputy Program Director Sergei Scherbov and Institute Scholar Warren Sanderson, who have all been working with POP from a very early stage, reflect and provide insights into early and recent developments within the program, but also point out the highlight of IIASA's contributions to the study of demography worldwide, which include

  • Multiregional/multistate demography;
  • Demographic effects of unobserved heterogeneity;
  • Probabilistic population projections
  • Population-Development-Environment (PDE) interactions;
  • New approaches to the study of population aging;
  • and Human capital reconstructions and projections.

We also invited current and former POP staff and YSSP, among them James W. Vaupel (Director, Max-Planck Odense Center on the Biodemography of Aging, Odense, Denmark) and Luis J. Castro (President of the Municipal and Urbanistic Commission of the Academy of Engineering of Mexico; and Deputy General Director of Mexico–USA Affairs, National Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico) to share their memories from their taime at IIASA.

This POPNET issue also presents latest news from the World Population Program: the Wittgenstein Centre Data Explorer Version 1.2, and the new Wittgenstein Centre website.

Event tip

On occasion of several anniversaries, IIASA's World Population Program together with it's partners at the Wittgenstein Centre, is hosting a high level symposium under the title "Demography that Matters". The symposium will take place on 9th September 2015 at the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). The event will include an extended presentation of the research highlights and plans followed by festivities. >>more information

Since 1982 the World Population Program issues the  POPNET newsletter for an extensive network of researchers and institutes working in the field of population and sustainable development. On a regular basis collaborators and interested individuals are provided with details of developments at the Program, current research, latest publications and information on forthcoming meetings and conferences.

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