13 June 2013
Munich, Germany

iLEAPS-ESA Science Consultation Workshop

The Max-Planck-Institut has invited Wolfgang Lutz to contribute to a Biosphere-Atmosphere-Society Index

Wolfgang Lutz will present Global Human Capital Projections at the iLEAPS-ESA Science Consultation Workshop in Munich. The event, entitled "Towards an iLEAPS Biosphere-Atmosphere-Society Index", is hosted by the Max-Planck-Institut for Biogeochemistry.

The goal of the workshop is the development of a data-driven multivariate index which can give indication about the state of the biosphere in relation to climatic and socio-economic pressures in an exploratory perspective. EO experts, land-atmosphere scientists, modellers and the iLEAPS community are invited to participate to this meeting and provide their feedback and visions that may support the consolidation of the iLEAPS Biosphere-Atmosphere Index. With profound expertise of demographic and related indicators Wolfgang Lutz, IIASA's World Population Program leader, was invited to join this exciting workshop and the subsequent ESA high-profile paper. He will further give a presentation on "Global Human Capital Projections".

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