13 December 2012
Berlin, Germany

Dialogue between Citizens on Demographic Change

Wolfgang Lutz was invited to the second meeting of the Beraterkreis Bürgerdialog 'Demografischer Wandel' in Berlin

Based on the assumption that demographic developments will lead to fundamental changes in all spheres of society the "Bürgerdialog", a project that facilitates dialogue between citizens organized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to look at opportunities and challenges of demographic change in the living and working environment as well as in education.

The "Beraterkreis" or advisory group is the subsidiary body of the Bürgerdialog. It creates a professional basis for discussion and helps focusing on results by integrating the knowledge and broad spectrum of opinions of experts from science, economy, environmental protection and society.

For more information visit http://www.buergerdialog-bmbf.de/demografischer-wandel/index.php

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