11 June 2014 - 13 June 2014
Cagliari, Italy

Italian Statistical Association Meeting 2014

Program Director Wolfgang Lutz will present POP research on population-environment interactions at the SIS 2014.

University of Cagliari

University of Cagliari

Wolfgang Lutz was invited to participate at the 47th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS 2014), that will be held between 11-13 June 2014 at the University of Cagliari in Italy. The Italian Statistical Society organizes these meetings every two years inviting academics and scholars in the fields of statistical methodology, probability, social and economic statistics, biostatistics and demography to discuss latest methodological and applied statistical research. 

Under the title "Population – Environment Interactions", Lutz will discuss the effects of human population on the natural environment and the vulnerability of human populations to such possible future changes. With a time horizon of up to 2050, the possible effects of environmental change on the population outlook are typically perceived marginal by international population experts, perhaps because they rarely deal with environmental issues and consider social and economic factors as the key drivers in their analyses. In this presentation, Wolfgang Lutz will address the environmental change issue directly by analyzing the global population and human capital outlook for the rest of this century in a broader context of sustainable development and global environmental change. He will present new population scenarios by age, sex, and level of educational attainment as a major step forward  in the environmental change research community.

For more information please visit the conference website.

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