24 October 2012 - 26 October 2012
Vienna and Laxenburg, Austria

IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference

World Population Program representation at the IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference

Today’s world is undergoing major transformations, characterized by increased globalization, fundamental shifts in economic and political power, escalating environmental challenges, and deep social conflict. IIASA’s 40th Anniversary Conference examined the many sustainability and development challenges such transformations impose and explored options for resolving them. It explored new ‘future worlds’: Worlds that accommodate our collective needs and aspirations, while living within, and respecting, planetary boundaries.                    

Leading scientists and experts from a diverse range of disciplines, regions, and institutions presented findings which aim to generate debate and further analyses, and help to identify viable pathways through these complex and interlinked global challenges. The Conference reinforced the relevance and application of advanced systems analysis and integrated approaches in providing science-based solutions for policymakers faced with these pervasive problems.

The World Population Program played an important role in making this conference a great success. The main contributions can be watched in our Multimedia section.

More information to the IIASA 40th Anniversary Conference can be found here.

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