11 April 2013 - 13 April 2013
New Orleans, USA

PAA Annual Meeting 2013

World Population Program representation at the Population Association of America 2013 Annual Meeting

The Population Association of America Annual Meeting provides a forum for every kind of population research. This year's meeting is taking place in downtown New Orleans. The World Population Program continues to represent IIASA at the PAA discussing new research in presentations and poster sessions, and will be serving as session chairs and discussants. For detailed information please visit the PAA website.

Session 24: Innovative Theory and Methods for Demographic Research
Demographic Metabolism: A Theory of Socioeconomic Change with Predictive Power (Wolfgang Lutz)

Session 46: Educational Achievement and Attainment
Age Structure, Education and Economic Growth
(Jesus Cuaresma Crespo, Wolfgang Lutz, Warren C. Sanderson)

Session 65: Aging in International Perspective
Intergenerational Solidarity among Migrant Families in Europe
(Valeria Bordone, Helga A. G. de Valk)

Session 135: Environmental Effects on Human Capital
The Effects on Well-Being of Investing in Cleaner Air in India
(Warren C. Sanderson, Erich Striessnig, Wolfgang Schoepp, Markus Amann)

Session 136: Comparative Perspectives on Aging
A Global Perspective on Cognitive Abilities and Educational Attainment

(Daniela Weber, Vegard Skirbekk)

Session 185: Social Change and Fertility
Forerunners of the Fertility Transition: Jews in Bohemia from the Enlightenment until the Interwar Times

(Jana Vobecká)

Session 193: Responses to Environmental Shocks
Exploring Differential Vulnerability by Population Structure and Education Impacts of 2010
Floods and Droughts on Rural Livelihoods in Thailand

(Alessandra Garbero, Raya Muttarak)

Poster Session 1
55. Differential Fertility by Level of Education in DHS Countries
(Samir K.C., Michaela Potancokova)

Poster Session 3
63. The Role of Education on Disaster Preparedness: Case Study of 2012 Indian Ocean
Earthquakes and Tsunami Warnings on Thailand’s Andaman Coast

(Raya Muttarak, Wiraporn Pothisiri)

38. Can Demographically Caused Cognitive Decline in China and India Be Offset by Investments in Education? 

(Marcin Stonawski)

Poster Session 5
71. Global Religious Demography: New Population Estimates and Demographic Measures
(Conrad Hackett, Marcin Stonawski, Vegard Skirbekk, Brian J. Grim)

Poster Session 7
11. Does Grandparental Care Pay off? The Effect of Childcare on Grandparents´ Cognitive Functioning
(Valeria Bordone)

Poster Session 9
69. New Set of Population Projections by Age, Sex, and Educational Attainment for More than
170 Countries of the World: Methods and Challenges

(Samir K.C., Erich Striessnig)  

70. Labor Force Projections for Europe by Age, Sex, and Highest Level of Educational Attainment, 2008 to 2053 (Elke Loichinger)

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