30 April 2013 - 17 September 2013
Vienna, Austria

Experiencing Science on the "MS Wissenschaft" 2013

Following last year's success, the World Population Program and the Wittgenstein Centre are participating in the interactive science exhibition on demographic change.

"All generations in one boat - the demographic chance" is the title of the swimming science center “MS Wissenschaft” 2013 for school children and interested adults. Co-funded by the FWF (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung) and the BMWF (Ministry of Science and Research), the “MS Wissenschaft” visits 40 cities in Germany and Austria between April and September 2013.

The mobile exhibition revolves around the challenges and opportunities deriving from longer live expectancy, declining birth rates and more diverse societies. As the leading demographic institution in Austria, the Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA,VID/OEAW,WU) will participate with latest research on demographic change. Catering to young minds, the exhibit pictures how different courses of demographic, economic and environmental change may affect the numbers, distribution and schooling of the world’s people over the next half century. Visitors are encouraged to interactively explore the probable effects of human behavior on future generations.

For press release and more information on landing points visit the FWF website.

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