29 October 2013 - 31 October 2013
Rome, Italy

Eurostat/UNECE Work Session on Demographic Projections

POP researchers are presenting new IIASA population projections

The Eurostat/UNECE Work Session brings together policy makers and demographic researchers from National Statistical Institutes as well as other representatives from national and international organizations, academics, producers and users of demographic projections. Among the topics will be a review and discussion of current uses and practices of demographic projections, sharing research approaches and innovative methodologies, and the improvement of communication between policy makers and demographers.

The World Population Program is represented by several scientists:

  • Dalkhat M. Ediev will give a presentation on "Contribution of fertility model and parameterization to population projection errors" 
  • together with colleagues from the Wittgenstein Centre, Samir KC will speak about "Examining the Role of International Migration in Global Population Projections" and "The impact of alternative assumptions about migration differentials by education on projections of human capital"
  • Wolfgang Lutz will present "The Scientific Base of the New Wittgenstein Centre Global Human Capital Projections: Defining assumptions through an evaluation of expert views on future fertility, mortality and migration"
  • Guy Abel et al. will present their research on "Developing Expert-Based Assumptions on Future Fertility, Mortality, and Migration"
  • Bilal Barakat will talk about "Estimating transition age schedules for long-term projections of global educational attainment"
  • "Results of the New Wittgenstein Centre Population Projections by age, sex and level of education for European countries" will be presented by Samir K.C., Sergei Scherbov, Erich Striessnig and Wolfgang Lutz
  • Elke Loichinger will present "Labor Force Projections for Europe by Age, Sex, and Highest Level of Educational Attainment, 2008 to 2053"

    More information is available on the UNECE website

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