19 August 2014 - 21 August 2014
Alpbach, Austria

Forum Alpbach: Higher Education Symposium

Wolfgang Lutz will give a keynote about demographic changes in Europe and their consequences on the tertiary sector.



This year, the European Forum Alpbach is organizing the Higher Education Symposium for the first time. Under the title "At the crossroads – Universities equipping us for an ever changing world" the participants will discuss current critical developments in the higher education institutions in Europe and the role they can and want to play under these new conditions. The symposium particularly focuses on the question how universities can prepare their students for a ever-changing world.

Wolfgang Lutz will give a keynote during the opening panel entitled "Times They are a-Changin’ – How Societal Trends Impact European Universities" to provide the demographic perspective on the questions:

  • What does the environment in which today’s higher education sector is evolving look like?
  • What are the implications of ever-increasing globalization, demographic changes,
    evolution in communication technology and financial constraints?
  • What are the expectations of society towards universities and their graduates? 

For more information please visit the Alpbach Forum website

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