05 June 2013 - 07 June 2013
Madrid, Spain

Future Trends Forum 2013

POP leader Wolfgang Lutz was invited to share his expertise in human capital developments in Europe

This year's Future Trends Forum (FTF) entitled "Shifting Flows of Capital: Strategies for an Evolving World Economy" will bring together disruptive trends in financial, human and intellectual capital flows that will emerge over the next decade, analyze how the consequent changes will alter the patterns of growth and prosperity in mature economies, and seek to develop a set of strategies that would defend against the risks and enable access to the upside benefits. Based on his broad knowledge of European demography and human capital development, Wolfgang Lutz was invited to contribute the demographic perspective to the developed strategies.

Organized by the Bankinter Foundation of Innovation the FTF is a multidisciplinary, multi-sector and international forum, constituted by an exclusive group of over 300 leading opinion experts from five continents, working together to foresee the near future.

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Last edited: 23 May 2013


Wolfgang Lutz

Acting Research Group Leader:Senior Program Advisor

Social Cohesion


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