18 April 2012 - 20 April 2012
Poznań, Poland

Congress of Polish Statistics 2012

The World Population Program at the Congress of Polish Statistics 2012

Congress of Polish Statistics was one of the most significant events in the history of Polish scientific thought and statistical practice. It marked the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Statistical Association, in recognition of its leading role and legacy.

The programme of the Congress comprised a number of thematic sessions, including the anniversary (historical) session, as well as other ones devoted to the methodology of statistical research, regional statistics, population statistics, socio-economic statistics, the problems of statistical data and the statistics of health, sport and tourism.

The World Population Program was represented by Anne Goujon, Samir K.C., and Michaela Potancoková who presented an invited paper entitled “The human capital puzzle: why it is so hard to find good data on educational attainment?”, and a by Marcin Stonawski, who gave a speech entitled "Human Capital and Population Ageing in Poland". 

Read more about the conference program here.

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