14 April 2019
Salzburg, Austria

Understanding child poverty

IIASA researcher Sonja Spitzer will discuss subjective child costs in Europe at a panel discussion in Salzburg, Austria.

Portrait of child, Klagenfurt, Austria © Nataliaderiabina | Dreamstime.com

Portrait of child, Klagenfurt, Austria © Nataliaderiabina | Dreamstime.com

One quarter of Austrian children are affected by poverty. How does poverty negatively impact future perspectives? Why do women carry the biggest burden? What role do policy makers play? How can child poverty be minimized while saving public funds? The cultural association "Bildungsverein #offenegesellschaft" is hosting a panel discussion on the causes and possible solutions for child poverty. the event focuses on the scientific view on the problem. 

Sonja Spitzer is panel discussant on subjective child costs in Europe. Spitzer is a predoctoral researcher at the World Population Program at IIASA. She is a population economist working on health, ageing, and economic wellbeing over the life course. She tackles questions related to healthy ageing as well as the economic impact of life events on households, examples are retirement or the birth of a child. She is particularly interested in issues related to survey data, for example, weighting adjustments or the evaluation of self-reported measures with objective information. For her research, she applies econometric as well as demographic methods. 

Event details: 

Title: Kinderarmut verstehen - Ursachen & Lösungen im Blick

Date: 14.03.2019, 19:00 (Einlass ab 18:30)

Location: "Loft" (Müllner Hauptstraße 1, 5020 Salzburg) 

Panel members:

Norbert Neuwirth, Österreichisches Institut für Familienforschung

Gottfried Schweiger, Zentrum für Ethik und Armutsforschung

Sonja Spitzer, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Stefan Veigl, Salzburger Nachrichten (Moderation)

Information and registration:  

For detailed information please visit the event website.

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