06 October 2016 - 07 October 2016
Moscow, Russia

The culture of aging - the culture of life

As leading expert in the study of population aging, World Popualtion Program Deputy Director Sergei Scherbov was invited to participate at the IV National Conference Society for All Ages.

Elderly couple © Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime

Elderly couple © Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime

For the fourth time, the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation is organizing the Aging Forum to bring together representatives of the Federal and Regional authorities, practitioners, scientists, representatives of NGOs, media and socially responsible business dealing with the issues of ageing, to discuss concrete examples, models and exchange ideas about a society for all. this year, the conference theme is the "environment of ageing" and the question how we can impact the environment in order to make it age-friendly and to ensure that the natural ageing process provides opportunity for self-actualization and active longevity as opposed to exclusion from the society.

Sergei Scherbov was invited to participate in the first plenary session under the general theme "the Culture of Aging - the Culture of Life" together with leading Russian and foreign experts, scientists, statesmen and public opinion leaders to discuss the culture of ageing as a phenomenon, its place in the culture of the entire society and the impact on the quality of life of all citizens. The main topics of the session include the need of older people in society, the culture of aging in Russia, goods and services for senior citizens, the 'cult of youth', as well as happiness at old age.

The high level panel discussants include Olga Golodets (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation), Gulnaz Kadyrova (Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation), Robert J. Waldinger (Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School), Tatyana Boguslavskaya (General Director of the Shoham Geriatric Center, Israel Ministry of Health), and Aubrey de Grey (Chairman and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation). 

For many years, Scherbov has been researching on the topic of aging. Together with Warren Sanderson, he developed a new concepts on the study of aging that take characteristic of people into account. Their research has been published in major scientific journals, including Nature and Science. Scherbov is currently Principal Investigator of the European Research Council (ERC) funded research projects at IIASA, entitled Reassessing Aging from a Population Perspective (Re-Aging). In this framework Scherbov and Sanderson are developing their ideas further with an focus on the extent to which advanced societies are actually aging in multiple dimensions, including health, cognitive abilities, and longevity. Scherbov and Sanderson are also the IIASA collaborators within the Aging Trajectories of Health: Opportunities and Synergies (ATHLOS) project that aims to achieve a better understanding of aging by identifying patterns of healthy ageing pathways or trajectories and their determinants.

For more information please visit the event website.

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