Models, Tools, and Data

The RISK Program uses a variety of models, as well as games and IIASA-branded participatory stakeholder processes to conduct its research.


The Binary constrained Disaster (BinD) model

The BinD model is a new generation dynamic disaster-macroeconomic modeling framework that captures supply and demand-side constraints on a developing economy facing disaster risk. More


A modeling approach to improve financial disaster risk management More

CATSIM - Inter-industry Impact Assessment

The Inter-industry Impact Assessment model is a variation of the CATSIM model and used by the Risk and Resilience Program to help understand the effects of natural disasters. More

Stochastic Debt Assessment for climate-related risk

The model is currently being applied in Austria to assess flood and drought risk under climate change. The CATSIM Stochastic Debt Assessment has been applied in the assessment of flood risk in 28 EU countries. More


The DYNAMMICs is a macroeconomic growth modeling framework that quantifies the many co-benefits of DRR investment for multiple hazards. More

Participatory decision support for complex policy issues

The Risk and Resilience program has developed a number of decision-support and process-oriented methods. These tools help stakeholders and policy-makers make sense of the complex governance landscape, while clarifying trade-offs and synergies associated with alternative policy options.  More


SHELscape is a spatially-explicit agent-based model for understanding short-run post-natural disasters non-linear adjustment processes in a multi-market framework. More


Platform to assess the heterogeneity of disaster risk More

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Last edited: 25 February 2020


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