18 January 2018 - 19 January 2018
Venice, Italy

CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange Costs (COACCH) Project Kick-Off Meeting

IIASA scientists will be traveling to Venice in January for the first meeting of the COACCH Project on the economic impacts of climate change in Europe.

(c) Rfischia | Dreamstime.com

(c) Rfischia | Dreamstime.com

From January 18-19 2018, IIASA researchers will be taking part in the upcoming kick-off meeting for the H2020 COACCH Project (CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange Costs) funded by the European Commission.

The COACCH Project is a collaborative research project with 14 institutions involved, including research institutes, universities, policy-making communities, and private companies in the EU. The project will focus on examining the economic risks and effects of climate change in Europe. The intention of the project is to use various economic models to improve the knowledge base of climate change impact chains, while looking specifically at pivotal climate issues in Europe and the related socio-economic concerns. The project will then go on to evaluate policy responses in Europe to extreme climate events and suggest improvements.

The COACCH Project has 14 partners from 7 European countries.
(c) Denisfilm | Dreamstime.com

At the upcoming meeting, IIASA scientist Esther Boere will lead the session on impact chains (Work Package 2). This portion of the project, which is being led by IIASA, will concentrate on analyzing the effects of climate change in market and non-market sectors in Europe. IIASA-related research will target the market sector, with a focus on agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Specifically, IIASA researchers Reinhard Mechler and Finn Laurien will study risk attitudes and risk policy for high impact extreme coastal and riverine flood risk in Europe. Ultimately the research done will be oriented toward end-users.

IIASA Models

The COACCH Project will use several of IIASA's models, including:

The Globiom Model- an international model used to evaluate the competition for land use between agriculture, bioenergy, and forestry.

The CATSIM Model -a modeling approach used to examine financial disaster risk management.

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