18 July 2013 - 19 July 2013
UNDP, New York

Technical meeting on Targets and Indicators for addressing disaster risk management (DRR) in the post-2015 development agenda

IIASA scientists are taking part in a workshop aimed at starting to propose targets and indicators pertaining to disaster risk reduction in advance of the development of new sustainable development goals (SDGs)

The High Level Panel (HLP) of eminent persons in its report to the UN Secretary General recognizes disaster risk reduction as an important issue in the context of poverty alleviation efforts. Under the illustrative goals and targets, in “Goal1: End Poverty”, the HLP report includes a target to "build resilience and reduce deaths from natural disasters”. The report suggests that indicators will need to be disaggregated and targets set at national level. Overall, the HLP report provides important openings for further work – both political advocacy work as well as technical substantive work – on ensuring that post-2015 development goals adequately take into account disaster risk.

The proposed technical workshop on targets and indicators for DRR in post-2015 development agenda intends to use the HLP report as a point of departure and generate proposals for technical work that is needed to develop and calibrate measurable targets and indicators. Such targets and indicators can be field tested for practicality as well as for determining gaps in institutional capacity and data collection/assessment systems for their application. The workshop will also be an opportunity to look for potential synergies and alignment with targets/indicators for the HFA2.

The workshop will also discuss potential barriers to the inclusion of disaster resilience, including its political acceptability in the post 2015 framework. In the context of strengthening the evidence base to support advocacy efforts, the workshop will take stock of ongoing efforts in this direction (e.g. JICA supported work on economic modeling and DFID supported work on the geography of poverty and disaster risk in 2030) and discuss options for building political consensus and support for the integration of disaster resilience in the post-2015 framework.

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