11 April 2013
Raiffa Room, IIASA

MATRIX Project Meeting

EU FP7 funded project on Linking Disasters for Risk Reduction (MATRIX)

The MATRIX project sets out to develop methodologies and tools that are suitable for an environment under threat from multiple natural hazards within a common framework.  This will be dealt with by focusing on four key activities:

•       Develoment of new methodologies for multi-type hazard and risk assessment.

•       Comparing the new multi-type methods with state-of-the-art single type methods.

•       Establishing an IT framework that will allow the testing of the developed methodologies within a multi-risk environment.  This will include the application of the platform (termed the MATRIX Common IT sYstem or MATRIX-CITY) to a series of test cases, as well as the development of a generic system, called the “Virtual City” which will be employed for activities such as sensitity studies.

•       The dissemination of the project's results to multiple communities, in particular end-users.

At its most fundamental, what separates MATRIX from other projects that have dealt with multiple risk (even those where the term “multi-risk” is used, e.g., Carpignano et al., 2009) is that the potential spatial and temporal interactions between hazard types and the respective vulnerability and risk are considered.  This includes the appropriate treatment of uncertainties throughout the hazard-risk chain, and the consideration of how losses may be determined, which includes classifiying them into direct and indirect, and as tangible or intanglible (or as also referred to, market and non-market).

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