ADISE: A software tool for adaptive dynamics research

Department of Atomic Physics, Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

Laszlo Balacs-Csiki

Laszlo Balacs-Csiki

Adaptive dynamics is a new area of research in theoretical biology, which allows for the simultaneous analysis of changes in population sizes (ecological dynamics) and population traits (evolutionary dynamics). As a YSSP student Laszlo is participating in developing the software package ADISE (Adaptive Dynamics Integrated Simulation Environment). Simplifying the application of adaptive dynamics theory to concrete problems, this software is intended to be a useful tool for a large number of researchers in biology and mathematics. The software will contain two kinds of components: kernel modules (written in C) and front-end modules (written in Java). In this way users will be enabled to run and test a user-friendly graphical interface through the World Wide Web or to download it as a platform- independent stand-alone application. In his project he will present a prototype of the ADISE input module. 

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Last edited: 03 June 2016

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