09 April 2013
Oslo, Norway

High Level Meeting on Energy and the post-2015 Development Agenda

On April 9, the Norwegian Government will be hosting a high-level meeting on Energy and the post-2015 development agenda in Oslo. The Energy program's Dr. Narasimha Rao will join gobal experts from a broad range of stakeholders including government ministers, representatives of international organizations, the public and private sectors, financial institutions, civil society and academia. The meeting will examine potential global energy objectives and proposals for processes on how to continue engage with key stakeholders towards 2015 at national, regional and global levels.

The High Level Dialogue on Energy in the Post-2015 Development Agenda is hosted by the Government of Norway and co-convened by the Governments of Mexico, Norway and Tanzania, and represents the culmination of four months of global consultations on why and how energy should be addressed in the post-2015 development agenda. Dr. Narasimha Rao, representing IIASA's Energy program, will participate in the discussions and dialogues and bring his expertise on the relationships between energy access, human development and climate change.

Background Information

The UN Development Group is leading efforts to catalyze a “global conversation” on a new development agenda post-2015 through a series of more than one hundred national consultations and eleven global thematic consultations.  The global conversation is meant to: (a) stimulate a wide range of worldwide discussions with stakeholders, including the constituencies that are often ignored and excluded; (b) analyze and share experiences from the MDG efforts to date, as well as current initiatives, programmes and projects; (c) build momentum towards a shared vision on broad directions of the post-2015 development agenda and (d) discuss key themes and develop recommendations as to how to embed them into a strengthened institutional framework for sustainable development which responds coherently and effectively to current and future challenges and efficiently bridges gaps in the implementation of the sustainable development agenda. One of the 11 major global thematic consultations is on energy. 
Energy is an important element of global efforts to induce a paradigm shift towards poverty eradication, green economies and ultimately sustainable development. The last five years have seen an increasing level of political consensus as demonstrated by the UN Secretary-General’s “Sustainable Energy for All” (SE4All) initiative and from the declaration by the UN General Assembly of 2012 as the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All”, and more recently, the “Decade of Sustainable Energy for All.” Recognizing the importance and urgency of energy challenges ranging from energy as a means for economic growth and promoter of improved health, as well as energy as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions that contributes to climate change, leaders in government, business and civil society have built global awareness of the importance of energy for sustainable development.

The panelists in action. Dr. Rao, back row, 7th from the right.

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