Integrated Assessment

The Energy Program develops tools to address complex interrelated sustainability issues that involve energy systems and their interactions with other major economic sectors, including land, forest, and agriculture.

As such Integrated Assessment has provided a crystallizing point for collaborative research between ENE and other research Programs at IIASA. Important ground work was the development of the first generation of the IIASA-IAM framework under the umbrella of the Greenhouse Gas Initiative (GGI). The framework combines a careful blend of rich disciplinary models that operate at different spatial resolutions that are interlinked and integrated into an overall assessment framework (see Figure). The framework covers all major sectors, including agriculture, forestry, energy, and industrial sources, and permits the concurrent assessment of how to address major sustainability challenges. Recently the framework has been extended with new linkages for the assessment of air pollution and local health impacts.

IIASA Integrated Assessment Modeling Framework.

The IAMF used a combination of the MESSAGE, GAINS, DIMA and AEZ-BLS models. During the SSP process, the IAMF was updated in a new structure, and includes now also updated versions of MESSAGE (energy-economy), GAINS (pollutant emissions) as well as the GLOBIOM (agriculture) and G4M (forestry) models.

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