28 May 2013

Launch of the SE4All Global Tracking Framework

On Tuesday, 28 May, the World Bank and partners launched the first Global Tracking Framework report of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative at the Vienna Energy Forum. 

global tracking framework

global tracking framework

The Global Tracking Framework report was compiled by a team of experts from 15 agencies, including IIASA, and led by the World Bank Group and the International Energy Agency. It presents a snapshot of the energy status of countries with respect to access, action on energy efficiency and renewable energy.  It also sheds light on high impact action areas that will help achieve Sustainable Energy for All Goal and it's three targets for 2030: universal access for all; doubling the rate of efficiency improvement and doubling the share of renwables.

Scientists from the Energy Program and the authors of the Global Energy Assessment, including Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Luis Gomez-Echeverri, Keywan Riahi, Shonali Pachauri, Volker Krey and Peter Kolp contributed to the report. Their expertise based on IIASA research findings regarding pathways for access to sustainable energy for development, energy efficiency improvements in end-use applications and the requirement to upscale renewable energy capacities contributed to the scientific foundations for the report.

Read the Report

You can access the report on the side bar under "Documents" or from the World Bank website.

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