05 March 2020 - 07 March 2020
Durango, Mexico

Second World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF)

The theme of the forum is - envisioning towards limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

(c) WSDF

(c) WSDF

The Second World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF) is scheduled to take place in Durango, Mexico between March 05-07, 2020. The Forum aims to bring together leaders from government at all levels, leaders of business and industry, as well as those involved in academia and civil society. In particular, the Second WSDF also involves extensive participation of youth and is organized in partnership with the Protect Our Planet (POP) movement, since young people must be at the vanguard of action in taking the lead on climate action worldwide. In addition to focusing on the need for ensuring that the 1.5°C target is met, the second WSDF will also address the SDG related to Life Below Water (SDG 14) because not only is climate change leading to acidification of oceans, but also substantial warming with major threats to marine ecosystems and marine life. In addition, human society is now generating alarming quantities of waste, including plastics which are ultimately dumped in the oceans.

IIASA's Keywan Riahi will address the forum as a keynote speaker in the plenary session on Future Risks from 1.5°C Plus, as well as Dr. Shonali Pachauri and Dr. Nebojsa Nakicënovic are invited panelist in the plenary on “Energiewende and Innovation.

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Shonali Pachauri

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Keywan Riahi

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Nebojsa Nakicenovic

Emeritus Research Scholar

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