20 April 2015 - 21 April 2015
London, United Kingdom

International BE4 Workshop

IIASA researcher David McCollum will participate in this workshop, which would bring together for the first time energy system researchers with expertise and interest in representing behaviour in energy/economy/engineering/environment (E4).

McCollum will co-organize and give a talk in the session on vehicle choice modeling. The recent IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, to which nineteen IIASA researchers contributed, indicated that behavioral change will likely play a critical role in any future climate change mitigation strategy. Enhancing modeling tools in this area thus represents a frontier area of research at IIASA.

Building sustainable energy systems requires a focus on behavior, along with technological development. Behavior plays a major role in the uptake and use of energy technologies and in driving energy service demand. Hence, its treatment cannot be excluded from the analysis of long-term energy transitions. Whole-system energy modelling approaches have been successful at capturing the technological complexity and economic feedbacks of the energy system and are frequently used as integrating frameworks to explore the synergies and trade-offs between climate mitigation, fuel poverty and energy security priorities. Researchers are increasingly looking to integrate insights across disciplines to increase the behavioral realism of energy system models and include mitigation opportunities from behavior change, along with technological and fuel solutions.

This workshop is held by UCL Energy Institute of University College London.

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