16 September 2014 - 19 September 2014
Krasnoyarsk, Russia

International Conference on "Forest Biogeocenoses of the Boreal Zone: Geography, Structure, Functions and Dynamics".

All-Russian scientific conference with international participation dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS).

In 2014, one of the major Russian forest research organizations — V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest will celebrate its 70-year anniversary. Since its founding and until now the results of the Institute’s fundamental research have been definitive and crucial for protection, conservation and reproduction of forests, for practical applications and making decisions in forest management. With the current situation of growing vulnerability of forest ecosystems adequate scientific solutions are required to increase the efficiency of boreal forest resources and their conservation. These goals will be on the agenda of the 70th anniversary of the V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest All-Russian conference with international participation “Forest biogeocenoses of the boreal zone: geography, structure, functions, and dynamics” on September 16–19, 2014, in Krasnoyarsk. The conference will also intend to develop suggestions for further research and to provide new opportunities for long-term international collaboration.

Scientific Topics of the Conference are:

  • Theoretical aspects of forest biogeocenology;
  • Dynamics and monitoring of forest biogeocenoses;
  • Anthropogenic and natural risks of forest ecosystems vulnerability;
  • Permafrost forests;
  • Genetic and genome research of boreal forests;
  • Biotechnology and deep processing of forest products;
  • Forest resources and forest management — key factors of development of Siberia and Russian Far East.

IIASA Participation:

Florian Kraxner will make a presentation from the paper "Where is our certified forest? Application of a new tool for certification mapping to the Boreal Forest". F. Kraxner, D. Schepaschenko, S. Fuss, A. Lunnan, G. Kindermann, K. Aoki, A. Shvidenko


About 10% of the global forest area has been certified by mid-2014. During the past 2 decades, forest management certification also became a tool to support a transition to and ensure sustainable forest management. However, the speed of certification has slowed down and there is an uneven split of the certified area with the majority located in the northern hemisphere. This article aims at providing a methodology for spatially explicit assessment of the global certified forest with special emphasis on the boreal domain in order to help not only monitoring past progress and current performance, but also identifying possible future developments. Results indicate that knowledge of certified forest locations is key to develop certification also into a monitoring and verification tool for important international agreements e.g. on carbon sequestration or deforestation reduction.

Anatoly Shvidenko will make a presentation from the paper "Transition to sustainable forest management in Russia: opportunities and risks" . A. Shvidenko, F. Kraxner, M. Obersteiner, D. Schepaschenko


The implementation of the paradigm of sustainable forest management in Russia requires a transition to adaptive forestry and deep changes in its basic components. The latter includes improvement in legislation, institutional structure, information supply, modelling infrastructure for long-term forecast, development of new regulations and reference material, significant elaboration of scientific background of forest management activities based on landscape structure.


RAS Scientific Council on Forest Problems,

V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS,

Institute of Forest Science RAS,

Centre for Problems of Ecology and Productivity of Forests RAS,

The Government of Krasnoyarsk Kray,

Siberian Federal University,

Siberian State Technological University

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