08 March 2019
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR)/NETs Modelling

2nd Joint Imperial College London (ICL) – International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Workshop on GGR/NETs Modelling.



The workshop, organized by IIASA research scholar Dr. Piera Patrizio, brought together scientists from the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program’s Center for Landscape Resilience & Management (CLR) and UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

CLR is partner in the largest NERC-funded GGR project named “Comparative assessment and region-specific optimisation of GGR” since 2017. The project is funded with £1.65 million and is led by the Principal Investigator Dr N Mac Dowell, Imperial College London, The Centre for Environmental Policy. Further partners in the project are University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and University of East Anglia. 

The Center for Landscape Resilience & Management (CLR) is contributing to the project the joint development of BeWhere-based Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) technologies. Particularly, Dr. Patrizio et al (2018) developed a model for Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) applied on the US. Most recently, the team consisting of researchers from IIASA and ICL is focusing on a spatially explicit systems model for BECCS in the UK and Europe with a focus on the biomass feedstock supply from existing and possible future energy crops and forest species. An essential part of the joint research is an active exchange of staff members between IIASA and ICL.  

The workshop focused on discussing, developing and finalizing the next steps of the project and a joint publication strategy for the NERC-GGR project was developed. 


Meeting the Paris climate change commitments will be extraordinarily challenging, and even if they are met, may require extensive global deployment of greenhouse gas removal (GGR) technologies resulting in net negative emissions. 

For further details on the project please visit the project website

Text adapted from the project website.

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