29 January 2019
Stockholm, Grand Hôtel

Swedish Forest Day 2019, What can we get out of the forest?

Event bringing together the Swedish Forest Research Community, Policy Makers, Industry and NGOs



Dr. Florian Kraxner CLR Center Head and ESM Deputy Program Director will be attending the SKOGENS DAG 2019 in Stockholm as an invited delegate and speaker. In his role as President of the International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) he will be representing IBFRA and informing the Swedish Forest Community about the IBFRA Insight Process. The event will open the discussions with the Circumboreal Working Group* and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), as the funder of the 1st IBFRA Insight Process.

Dr. Kraxner will be on the panel for:

Sustainable management of the circumpolar boreal forests to meet climate change – a complex challenge

15:30 - 17:00

Peter Blombäck - Head of Policy and Analysis Division, Swedish Forest Agency
Hans Djurberg - Chair of the Board, FSC International
Annie Sandgren - Project Manager, IKEA Wood Supply and Forestry
Florian Kraxner - President IBFRA, Deputy Program Director, IIASA

Focus: Under the supervision of the International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Future Forests will lead a circumboreal project in the science policy interface exploring the potential of boreal forests to mitigate climate change.

For more information please visit the event website.

*”The Circumboreal Working Group (CWG) is an ad hoc ministerial-level group comprising Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the Unites States that was formed to provide focus on the importance of boreal forests.”

Text adapted from the official event website.

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