22 May 2018 - 24 May 2018
Gothenburg, Sweden

International Conference on Negative CO2 Emissions

Exploration of various areas of research relating to negative CO2 emissions, including the role of biomass combined with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). 

© Negativeco2emissions2018

© Negativeco2emissions2018

The International Conference on Negative CO2 Emissions will bring together scientists, experts and stakeholders from around the world to explore various aspects of research relating to negative CO2 emissions. 

IIASA will be represented by 2 researchers and 2 former YSSP participants from ESM-CLR who will be contributing to the event with four oral presentations covering several topics connected to the potential for BECCS deployment. Furthermore, Florian Kraxner has been invited to join the conference panel on discussing "Modelling, Policy, and Incentives." 

BeWhere US and the coal sector

The BeWhere US version is applied in three case studies in the US/- coal sector. ESM Deputy Program Director and CLR Head Florian Kraxner will present a new methodology for locating sustainable BECCS from forest biomass feedstock that has been tested for the US coal sector and can be applied globally. ESM Research Scholar Piera Patrizio will present the technological transition needs - including the introduction of NETs - of the US coal sector to achieve emission reductions in line with ambitious temperature target by 2050. Former ESM YSSP (2017) participant Kasparas Spokas from Princeton University will discuss the negative emission potentials for the US under different supply constraints from agricultural and forest biomass.

BeWhere Europe and the steel industries

Former ESM YSSP (2017) participant Hana Mandova will present the potential for steel mills to adopt biomass in order to substitute and reduce the coal consumption. Using biomass will further allow the steel mills to adoptimplement BECCS technologies for generating negative emissions and contribute by such to the emission reduction targets.

The full program is available here


Text adapted from conference website. 

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Florian Kraxner

CLR Center Head and Deputy Program Director

Ecosystems Services and Management

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