20 May 2015 - 21 May 2015
Haus Oberallgäu, Sonthofen/Germany

International final conference of the Recharge.Green project

Energy and nature in the Alps: a balancing act International final conference of the recharge.green project

www.itcwebdesigns.com Sonthofen, Germany

www.itcwebdesigns.com Sonthofen, Germany

The Alps have great potential for the use of renewable energy, but energy production and use also increases pressures on nature. The recharge.green project looks at the trade-offs between the costs and benefits of renewable energy use. In particular, the project looks at impacts of energy production on ecosystem services. The goal is to achieve sustainably used landscapes where ecosystems and their services to people continue to function, and where energy production is optimized for this purpose.

What are the challenges related to renewable energy use in the Alps? What tools can be used to support decision makers in finding the right balance when planning local or regional energy development? These two questions are at the center of the final conference of the project. The recharge.green partners have assessed the Alpine potential for biomass, hydro power, solar, and wind energy production, taking into account technical, environmental and social constraints. They will present the tools they have developed to support decision making processes. Representatives from the pilot areas will provide glimpses into their experiences with conflict resolution processes that manage to deal with diverging demands on landscape and nature.

Decision makers, representatives of public administrations and authorities, of energy businesses and of NGOs are invited to see how the recharge.green results can make a difference and to discuss how renewable energy production and nature conservation in the Alps can be combined. A public evening event, a poster exhibit and an excursion will complete the programme.

During the final conference ESM's, Deputy Program Leader, Florian Kraxner gave a presentation on "Optimizing renewable energy systems in the Alpine space- balancing production and protection".

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