The LEDPathways aims to identify low emission agricultural pathways and priorities for mitigation in agricultural landscapes using integrated assessment modelling and scenarios.


The goal of the LEDPathways project is to identify low emissions agricultural pathways and priorities for mitigation in agricultural landscapes using integrated assessment modelling and scenarios. These scenarios should yield globally consistent regional climate mitigation strategies. The targeted users of the information would be policy makers operating on at the global and region/national level.

The project has 3 Objectives:

  1. Analyse the extent of agricultural mitigation necessary in developing countries and the effect of selected emissions floors on meeting future climate targeted thresholds.
  2. Conduct a spatial analysis of mitigation priorities globally for selected policy pathways.
  3. Improve modeling to identify low emissions development pathways to support national decision making and investment in agricultural development in 3-4 CCAFS regions, with an initial focus in a selected region to be determined.

IIASA Research

IIASA will provide global GHG emission baselines where the world is divided into 20 regions for the period 2000-2050 in 10 years steps. The emission baselines will be consistent with a selections of three (out of five) SSPs according to the on-going IPCC AR5 scenario process. Departing from the SSP baseline scenarios will generate climate mitigation scenarios aiming at staying within climate thresholds.

Moreover, IIASA will enrich the GLOBIOM model building on the feedback from the selected region scenario quantification work to better represent the regional specificities. In order to identify low emissions development pathways, extensive sensitivity analysis will be carried out on future technological development and potential shifts between different production systems both in crop and livestock sectors.

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